iLuv will show off yet another cool iPod dock at CES

Jan 5, 2009

iLuv, the maker of many cool iPod products, is set to unveil another iPod-related product at this year's CES.  It's an iPod dock-slash-alarm clock, but as you can see from the photo, this one's a bit different than previous models.

The iLuv iMM183 features space for two iPods instead of one.  That means that you can now charge your iPod or iPhone as well as your significant other's iPod/iPhone or a backup iPod you might have laying around.  This particular dock is also unique in that weather alerts have been built in.  As you can see on the dock's LED screen, weather alerts from NOAA and SAME  show up as a text message, alerting you to weather emergencies.

The iMM183 should be available in March, but a price has not yet been mentioned.  We'll keep our ears open for a price announcement during CES.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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