iHome iP46 Portable Stereo Dock for iPhone and iPod is perfect for summer fun

Jun 23, 2010

Just about everyone who ventures to the lake, pool, or beach during the summer wants to take some tunes with them. If you use an iPod or an iPhone for your tunes that means you will need some sort of speaker dock that can run on batteries to enjoy your tunes.

iHome has announced a new speaker dock for dockable iPods and the iPhone that is perfect for those summer days by the water called the iP46. The iP46 is a speaker system that uses SRS TruBass circuits and has four speakers inside a Reason8 chamber for audio quality.

Power on the go is provided by an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. iHome is mum on exactly how long that battery will last. When near an outlet the iP46 can run from 100 to 240V AC power. A line in jack lets you connect other sources for playback as well. The dock measures 13" W x 3.6" H x 1.9" D and charges the iPhone or iPad while it plays. You can pick one up now for $99.99.

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