IEEE power line broadband standard for 500Mbps speed approved

Oct 18, 2010

Many people out there can't run cabling for broadband throughout their home for many reasons. There are also a lot of people who have realized that WiFi is not appropriate in all homes either. This leaves some users in a lurch unable to get broadband access into all the rooms where they need it.

For these users power line networking may be the only option to look at. A new standard has been approved by the IEEE that offers much faster power line networking speeds. The new standard is IEEE 1901 and it outlines a new speed for power line networking of 500Mbps.

The new specification is aimed at allowing all sorts of connectivity around homes for things like smart grids, LAN applications, and smart energy devices. The first mile and last mile solutions will over 500Mbps speeds over ranges of up to 1500 meters over any standard power line with voltage transmission frequency of less than 100MHz.

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