HyperMac stand holds your iPad and gives it more run time

Jul 27, 2010

If you like to use your iPad a lot while sitting at a desk or table you have undoubtedly realized that looking down at the thing laying on the surface is uncomfortable. Many people are opting for a stand of some sort to make viewing the iPad more comfortable. HyperMac has a new stand that holds the iPad and more.

The stand does the basic standing stuff by holding the iPad in portrait or landscape mode at angles of 18-degrees and 45-degrees depending on what you are doing. The little stand is sized to carry in your pocket when you are on the go.

Other than the two slots for holding the iPad upright, the HyperMac Stand also has an internal rechargeable battery. That battery is good for an extra 6 hours of run time and is a 40Wh battery. The case is available now for $129.99.

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