Huawei Technologies wins preliminary injunction against Motorola

Feb 28, 2011

I mentioned about a month ago now that Huawei had filed a suit against former partner Motorola to keep the company from transferring Huawei IP over to Nokia Siemens. Nokia Siemens is attempting to purchase Motorola's wireless network business where Huawei and Motorola have cooperated for over a decade.

Huawei has announced that it has been granted a preliminary injunction against Motorola that would prevent Motorola from sharing any Huawei IP with Nokia Siemens. The ruling also forces Motorola to hire a third part to ensure that the confidential details of Huawei that Motorola is privy to are securely removed.

The ruling also allows Huawei to audit the Nokia Siemens Networks record of service that it performs on Motorola-branded systems that use Huawei products inside. It's not clear on how or if the ruling will affect the purchase by Nokia Siemens.

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