HTC Power To Give brings supercomputer power with smartphones

Feb 24, 2014

Using the processing power of smartphones from around the globe, HTC is making an initiative called Power To Give for theresearch of medicine, science, and echology. This initiative will work with an HTC Power To Give app from Google Play for Android. This app will divert a bit of your smartphone’s processing power towards the initiative whenever you’d like to contribute.

Researchers are able to use processing power from computers no matter how remote. With the HTC Power To Give app, users around the world will be able to contribute processing power from their otherwise dormant smartphone to worthy causes. This app will harvest processing power while your smartphone is sleeping and connected to a Wi-fi network.

"With HTC Power To Give, we want to make it possible for anyone to dedicate their unused smartphone processing power to contribute to projects that have the potential to change the world.

HTC Power To Give will support the world’s largest volunteer computing initiative, and the impact that this project will have on the world over the years to come is huge. This changes everything." - Dr. David Anderson, Inventor of the Shared Computing Initiative BOINC, University of California, Berkeley

According to HTC, one million HTC One phones working at the same time with HTC Power To Give could provide "similar processing power" to one of the 30 supercomputers that currently exists in our world. That’s one PetaFLOP, and one massive amount of potential.

The HTC Power To Give app will be available for download from Google Play immediately if not soon. Users of the HTC One family, HTC Butterfly, and HTC Butterfly S will be allowed to use the app first, while a more widely available app will come in the coming six months.

This initiative from HTC was created in partnership with Dr. David Anderson, Inventor of the Shared Computing Initiative BOINC, University of California, Berkeley, and Fearlessly Frank, Global Brand Consultancy.

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