HTC HD2 1.48 WWE firmware gets video demo: speedier and more stable

Dec 2, 2009

When it came to bugs and glitches, our experience with the HTC HD2 was generally uninterrupted; a few on-screen keyboard slow-downs were pretty much all we observed.  Still, other users have reported more significant issues, and so HTC have pushed out a new firmware version for the smartphone, build 1.48 WWE, which attempts to address the problems.  Xmoo - who happens to have two HD2's - put together a quick comparison video highlighting the improvements.

Video comparison after the cut

According to Xmoo, build 1.48 is a lot faster than 1.43 NLD as installed on his other HD2.  The calendar bud - which was stopping some users from browsing past the end of the year - has been addressed, and emails open as they should.

Perhaps most importantly, overall speed is increased; we never really had an issue with the speed that the HD2 ran at, thanks in no small part to the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, but anything that ekes out some more speed is always welcome.  There's no sign of an official update at HTC's site, but forums such as xda-developers will likely have the goods.

[via wmpoweruser]

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