HP VantagePoint is 132-inches of multitouch for your wall

Jan 16, 2012

If you've ever looked at Apple's iPad and thought "I measure my multitouch in feet, not inches" then the HP VantagePoint is for you, a wall-sized display intended for collaborative digital fondling. The VantagePoint system couples together six of HP's LD4730G 47-inch Ultra-Micro Bezel displays with two PCs doing the heavy lifting, for an 11 foot by 7 foot screen.

An HP Z800 workstation pumps out a 4098 x 1536 picture spread across all six screens, while a separate HP Pavilion Slimline desktop handles audio separately along with color processing. The displays are fronted by a layer of Gorilla Glass, in case you get too eager with your tapping.

HP is positioning the VantagePoint as ideal for showrooms, educational environments and offices; however, you can also pump cable and satellite TV, as well as any streaming content from online or via a DVD, DVR or Blu-ray player through the screen.

Software is Windows 7 with support for custom apps coded in JavaScript, Flash, C++, C# or Microsoft Presentation Framework, while Total Immersion's augmented reality software is also included. No word on pricing, but with each of the 47-inch LD4730G displays coming in at $1,300 apiece, this isn't going to be a cheap way to get touchy-feely with your entertainment.

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