HP iPaq 310 GPS looks cool, software apparently garbage though

Jan 30, 2008

No, really, it looks cool, as in the screen is nice and bright and is sporting an 800x480 resolution, but the software sucks. It also has a 600MHz dual-core processor, in a freakin GPS unit, who would have thunk it.

Apparently once you select a route, its like Chucky, it just won’t quit until you’re dead, or at your destination, whichever comes first. The reviewers said that canceling a route was nigh impossible and when they tried turning the unit off to shut it up it somehow turned itself back on a few minutes later just to tell them to make a turn.

You can get one of these on Amazon right now for $320. However the general consensus seems to be to wait for a new version of the device, or at the very least a software update.

[via navigadget]

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