HP future-tech prototypes teased ahead of Phil McKinney futurist talk

Aug 30, 2010

HP are making the most of the interest surrounding their tablet plans with some teasing images in the run-up to CTO Phil McKinney's SXSW panel.  The two shots cover (or fake) the so-called "Hacking the Future" prototype, but are apparently a tablet-scale device, a smartphone-sized portable device, and some form of wrist-mounted device.

The panel is billed as "a futurist's view of the world that will surprise and alarm you," though it's not clear whether it's the view or the world itself that's supposed to be dramatic.  McKinney will cover what future tech might be considered essential in five years time, together with what the major breakthroughs of the next two decades might be.

Call us skeptics, but we do have a sneaking suspicion that there aren't any prototypes at all, just conveniently sized black boxes, and that the meat of the panel will be McKinney's words and not the tech he has to demonstrate.  Still, the CTO describes them as "early protos," so maybe we're too paranoid this Monday morning.

[via Engadget]

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