Hoodman Raw Steel SD card could beat up your SD card

Nov 12, 2010

In the post apocalyptic future of photography your normal SD card will be the storage device at the bar getting beat up by the Raw Steel SD card. Hoodman's Raw Steel card has the protective power of metal imbedded in the front to make it extremely robust.

In addition to having a metal plate on the front of the SD card to make it survive impacts and stuff, the thing is also built using epoxy so it is waterproof. That means it can survive the elements when you are shooting outdoors better than your camera will.

The full on specs for the Raw Steel cards are not offered. What we do know is the thing has 16GB of storage and is a speed class 10 card. It should be quick enough for you to shoot all the bursts you want. The ship date is pegged at the middle of the month at an undisclosed price.

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