Honk Toot! Horn Stand Amplifies your iPhone 4 with No Electronics

Nov 8, 2010

This product is simply called "Horn Stand" and connects to your iPhone 4, either standing it up vertically or horizontally, amplifying the sound of the iPhone using a most excellent vintage technique. In the same way a gramophone, aka phonograph, aka old fashioned record player works via vibrating your sound through a cylinder, so too does this Horn Stand amp your music through silicon.

It's what's known as "retro-chic" and it's made out of 100% natural cleavage silicon, washable and with a single button which extends to click your iPhone's home button. It's simple, it's brilliant, and best of all, it doesn't cost a billion bucks. It's right out there now at around $32.60, in a variety of colors: black, gray (called brown), green, and white. Check em out over at Strapya World.

[Via Strapya World]

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