Haptica Brail watch designs by David Chavez seeks funding on Kickstarter

Feb 7, 2011

We see all sorts of watches that are expensive and really cool around these parts. The thing that they all have had in common is that they are for people that can see. Those with no eyesight or impaired eyesight can't use a normal watch to tell time.

A new concept watch by designer Davis Chavez called the Haptica Braille Watch has turned up and is seeking some serious funding on Kickstarter. The watchmaker is looking to get $150,000 to start his project and bring it to market.

The Haptica watch uses Braille on the face to let the wearer feel the time and the thing looks cool too. So far, the project has raised over $35,000 and has 25 days to raise the full $150,000. See more below in the official here.

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