H’andy sana mobile phone offers heart patients ECG capability

Aug 16, 2010

An interesting smartphone is coming to the UK this year that is called the H'andy sana 210. The phone is aimed at people who have heart problems that require close monitoring by medical professionals. The phone looks a lot like the iPhone to me but has a feature that allows the user to take an Electrocardiogram or ECG and send it to their doctor or care provider right from the phone.

The sana 210 has a 2.8-inch touchscreen and offers the other features that users expect to find in a mobile phone today such as multimedia support, web browser, calendar, and an integrated camera. The handset also has onboard storage systems for people to use for monitoring their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and ECGs.

To get the ECG the user presses two fingers to the side of the phone for 30 seconds and the phone picks up the heartbeat, records it, and then saves it to the phone for sending to the doctor if needed. Pricing and an exact date the phone will land in the UK is not known.

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