Gym worker who found the Motorola Droid Shadow gets canned

May 27, 2010

On Tuesday, we mentioned that a dude who works at a Verizon Wireless corporate gym found an unreleased Motorola Droid Shadow smartphone in the gym that a Verizon employee had left behind after a workout. Naturally, the guy and his pal poked around in the handset found that I was unreleased, and offered the images to Gizmodo.

Giz didn’t offer $5K for this handset and it was ultimately returned to the owner of the device, but not before the leak was done. Gizmodo reports that the hapless dude who found the Shadow has found himself in some hot water, which is no surprise.

The worker who found the device was called into a meeting at the Gym after receiving calls from Verizon corporate and was ultimately fired. Apparently, they didn’t ask for his keys back and went to his home the next day to retrieve keys. The rub here is that the guy who found the Shadow isn’t the one who tipped Gizmodo; I sense a second firing coming on.

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