Griffin Simplifi iPod & iPhone dock with card reader & USB hub

Sep 26, 2008

If you're regularly charging and synchronizing your iPod then you probably know - or could imagine - how useful a dock can be.  Thing is, it's also yet another lump on your desk; enter Griffin's Simplifi, which basically says that if you're going to grant something real-estate in your life then it really ought to bring more to the party.  That's why the Simplifi has a multiformat card reader and USB hub.

Front mounted slots take Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, xD and CF cards, while around the back there are two USB ports. An included AC adapter powers not only the card reader and recharges the iPod (or iPhone) but means the USB ports are powered too; useful for external drives that like to sup from your bus power.

The Simplifi is available priced at $69.99 direct from Griffin. That's a little more than Apple charge for their official dock ($49) but then again they don't give you the powered hub or card reader.

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