Griffin offers new Cabinet Mount for iPad perfect for the kitchen

Oct 21, 2010

If you are really into cooking, you may use your iPad for getting recipes or for watching video or listing to music while you cook. The only bad part about that is that it's not ideal to just sit the iPad on the counter where you can knock it off, spill on it, and have to look down to see what is on the screen.

Griffin has unveiled a new mount for the iPad called the Cabinet Mount for iPad that is designed to hide the tablet away under a cabinet for you to use in the kitchen or anywhere else you have a cabinet. The mount swivels and has bracket grips specifically design to keep the iPad safe and secure.

The mount can be placed on the front, side, or under a cabinet and the installation is easy with all the hardware and instructions for installation included. The arm rotates 360-degrees around and front to back 90-degrees. You can pick one up from Griffin now for $69.99. This would be a great mount for a desk with a hutch if you use the iPad as a second monitor for your notebook or desktop.

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