Gravity Ruler luggage scales are annoyingly straightforward

Jan 13, 2010

We're not going to labor the old "sometimes the simplest solutions..." point because, well, if the were so straightforward then why wouldn't someone have commercialized on them already, but design students Marcella Maltese and Lin Wei's "Gravity Ruler" luggage scales really do have us kicking ourselves. Intended to avoid unexpected shocks at check-in, the simple handle takes advantage of some stretchy bungee cord to give an at-a-glance guesstimate of whether you're over an airline's limit.

It's obviously not just use who reckon the Gravity Ruler is a good idea: the designers took thirty-five sets to the Travel Trading fair in Milan and sold them all in under 60 minutes.  Now they're shopping the concept round to manufacturers for a broader release.

[via Core77]

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