Gran Turismo 5 sells like donuts at a police convention

Dec 10, 2010

I don't think anyone out there that has played the Gran Turismo series doubted for a second that the latest game in the franchise, Gran Turismo 5 would be a hit. The game has been anticipated for years now and lots of delays have had gamers up in arms.

GT5 finally hit the market with the official launch on November 24 exclusively on the PS3. Sony is now offering up some numbers on sales of the racing game for the new GT5 version and for the franchise as a whole spanning back to the May 12, 1998 introduction of the original Gran Turismo title. Since the launch of GT5, the game has sold 5.52 million units globally.

The franchise has sold a total of 61.41 million titles all around the world counting a couple versions that were never offered in North America like Gran Turismo concept 2001 Tokyo*3 and Gran Turismo 4 Prologue. The best selling title in the franchise was GT3 A-spec with 14.80 million copies sold globally.

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