Google sues Rockstar Consortium for unfairly targeting Android partners

Dec 27, 2013

Google has been tied up in court over allegations of patent infringement with the Rockstar Consortium. Rockstar is a consortium of companies that banded together to enforce copyrights backed by several major technology firms. Some of the major backers of Rockstar include Apple and Microsoft.

We mentioned earlier this week that Google was wanting a US court to say Android didn't infringe on patents held by Rockstar. The search giant has now taken its action a step further and filed suit against Rockstar alleging that the litigation campaign is placing a cloud over the Android OS and threatening sales of Nexus devices sold by the company and its partners.

The suit by Rockstar was field against Google and companies building devices that run Android including Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Pantech, Samsung, and ZTE. The legal case against Google and its partners focuses on seven patents.

The friction between Google and Rockstar began in 2011 when both firms tried to buy patents being sold off by Nortel Networks. The patent portfolio included 6000 patents that covered a number of mobile and networking technologies.


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