Google rolls out Hangouts Capture to make taking snapshots easy

Mar 19, 2013
Google rolls out Hangouts Capture to make taking snapshots easy

Google's Jeremy Ng has dropped another announcement on Google+, this time introducing Hangouts Capture, an app that allows Google Hangout users to take snapshots during a conversation. This makes it easy to record those here-now-and-then-gone moments of hilarity or other situations you'd like to record as a digital memory.

While there are several options for taking screenshots using either the rather primitive PrntScrn button or a third-party screenshot tool, Hangouts Capture is an integrated solution designed specifically for use with the service. Because of this, it has been tailored to make taking snapshots simple during a Hangout, and also offers features you won't find in other tools.

Taking snapshots involves only a single click, so users won't have to worry about the perfect moment ending before they get a chance to take a screencap. Once a snapshot is taken, it is saved as a picture into an album that is shared with the other individuals in the Hangout, which can then be viewed as part of your Google+ photo albums, or by pulling up the Hangout post.

Those paranoid about having images taken of them without their knowledge, however, have no reason to fear. If you're part of a Hangout, you will receive a notification when the Capture app is pulled up or if it is already active when you join a Hangout. Likewise, you'll also receive a notification every time someone takes a snapshot. Effects are available that can be added to images, which you can see a sample of in the image above.

[via Google+ (Jeremy Ng)]

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