Google Magnify concept is like a translating magnifying glass

Oct 27, 2010

We like a good concept around here and the Google Magnify has caught our attention. When we are online surfing the web and run across something we can't read because it is written in a foreign language we just hit the Google translate button and read away.

In the real world if we find a printed document that we want to read getting a translation isn't so easy. Designer Anh Nguyen ran into this issue and came up with a cool concept that would fix the problem dubbed Google Magnify.

The concept is a small hand held unit that has a handle that flips down like the magnifying glass my grandmother uses sometimes. The difference is that the concept device would have some tech inside that would put the text on the screen, presumably using a front mounted camera, and then automatically run Google Translation on the text so the user could read it. I could see this being a great product for people who travel a lot.

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