Google Doodle celebrates filmmaker François Truffaut

Feb 6, 2012
Google Doodle celebrates filmmaker François Truffaut

Google's periodic homepage doodles often celebrate tech, but the search company has looked to French avant-garde cinema with a birthday celebration for François Truffaut. One of the founders of the French New Wave style, Truffaut was born on February 6 1932 and is perhaps best known for the 1959 film The 400 Blows, a part-autobiographical story of an illegitimate child and his struggles through adolescence.

Google's doodle - a three part slideshow of stylized drawings - begins with a sketch reminiscent of the final frames of The 400 Blows, where central character Antoine Doinel stares out at the sea:

Truffaut would have been 80 today, and in his 52 years directed over 25 features and shorts. He also produced screenplays for a number of titles, and was an actor in Steven Spielberg's famous 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

More on Truffaut in his Wikipedia article.

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