Genpets are the coolest toys to scare your friends

Jul 1, 2008
Genpets are the coolest toys to scare your friends

Many little girls had Barbie dolls and other random baby dolls they would tote around, including myself. Yet I have to say, if I had one of these as a kid, I would have tossed out every single Barbie doll to get my hands on just one.

Now keep in mind I am a bit odd in that department considering I have a Living Dead Doll lying alongside my bed. It's not that I'm goth, it's that I find thing that look slightly evil or disfigured to be incredibly adorable. These strange little dolls come in little packs that are wired to have a heart monitor hooked up and also have flashing eyes that open on occasion. Even better is that they have special sound effects, which I swear sounds like the ant on Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Every single one is made by hand completely from scratch, so it isn't a mass produced product. There are 7 different personality types among the dolls, each is linked to a different color. The animatronic version is sold for $1200 and the non-moving one for $800. The nice perk is that the creator has a DIY page on these cuties.

[via slipperybrick]

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