Gefen outs crazy expensive surround sound speakers for small rooms

Aug 11, 2010

Gefen has offered up a new surround sound speaker system that is designed for small rooms like the conference room or a bedroom. The system is called the GefenTV CR-5SP and the system is very expensive at $999.

The speakers are designed to work in concert with a GefenTV Home Theater Audio Processor for plug and play home theater sound from any HDMI source. However, the will work with any home theater audio amp.

The speaker system has five way audio posts for connections that will work with bare wire, spade lug connections, pin connectors, and single or dual banana plugs. The speakers each have a single 100mm low frequency driver with a 25mm voice coil and a single 25mm high frequency driver. The price tag for these five little speakers is huge, I hope they sound good.

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