GameStop PS3 Pre-Orders Sold Out

Benjamin Nied - Oct 11, 2006
GameStop PS3 Pre-Orders Sold Out

To no one's surprise (at least, I hope no one is surprised), the limited amount of GameStop/EB Games PlayStation 3 pre-order slots are already gone, with stores requiring you to pony up $100 in some form (trade-ins accepted as well as cash and credit) to reserve your spot in line. Most pre-orders were for the 60 GB PS3, but most stores will only have between 4 and 16 consoles available when the system launches in November. Like with the Xbox 360 launch, expect to see many of the pre-ordered consoles show up on eBay; also expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for some of these machines. Hopefully Sony can get some reinforcements over here as soon as possible, before people go nuts and start refinancing their home to pay for their new eBay purchase.

[via IGN]

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