GameRigs PC Gaming Systems – The QUAKE Wars and QUAKE 4 desktops

Aug 25, 2008

GameRigs have announced a new line of gaming PC systems. The Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars and QUAKE 4 desktops are each designed with their respective games in mind providing optimal game play for users.

“The GameRigs team is proud to be delivering the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and QUAKE 4 lineup alongside our fleet of gaming desktops, laptops and accessories,” said Darren Healy, Director of Business Development at GameRigs. “In partnership with NVIDIA, Intel, and Crucial, GameRigs is focused on function, design and aesthetics – and with the powerful excellence of our systems, gamers get hardware power to match the superior demand of next-gen gaming”.

Each of the systems come in a GameRig metal chassis and come with a gaming kit including their respective games, a mouse, and other accessories. The QUAKE Wars and QUAKE 4 desktops are available in three different configuration levels- HEX, EGO, and OMG start at $2199. Laptop systems come in two configuration levels CORE and Epic and start at $1999.

[via Coolest-Gadgets]

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