Fujifilm Photo Printer makes tiny snaps on the move

Nov 28, 2006
Fujifilm Photo Printer makes tiny snaps on the move

Sometimes, when I'm wandering the cold, dark streets in search of some food or another victim, I spot an obvious business opportunity - taking the photo of a happy group of revellers, perhaps, or documenting a road traffic incident.  Of course, I never actually get round to emailing those photos off, never mind printing them and posting them via snail "are we nearly there yet?" mail.  What I need, I hear you grumble, is Fujifilm's Pivi MP-300, a portable photo printer that not only fits into your (somewhat large) pocket but can connect via infrared and PictBridge USB to compatible digital cameras and cellphones to produce business card-sized snaps.

Okay, so it's a mystery why they chose infrared and not Bluetooth - perhaps they're planning a special edition "Beam it in Blue" for next Christmas or something - but I can see this being a useful little gadget.  Sadly it's Japan-only for now, and costs around $130.

Fujifilm [via Pocket-lint]

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