FroliCat BOLT laser cat toy gets reviewed: run, kittah, run!

Jul 15, 2009

Cats plus lasers probably sounds like some people's idea of the best thing to do with the LOLCat meme, but for FroliCat it's a business model.  Their BOLT promises to keep your household feline (or dog) active, by giving it a tireless laser dot to chase, and Gear Diary have been testing it out.

Video demo after the cut

Well, we say Gear Diary tested it; Judie didn't actually chase around the laser on her hands and knees.  Instead she left it to gadget-testing cat Avah, who - judging by the video below - seems to enjoy the randomly-flicking dot.

Controls on the BOLT are straightforward, with a power button in the base that flips between automatic mode (for hands-free use, with the device stood upright like a bowling pin) and manual mode (where you can guide the pointer yourself, or conduct a bizarre PowerPoint presentation to a cat audience) together with a slider to adjust the flicking mirror inside.  Best of all is the price; at just $19.95 it's hardly more expensive than a cheap laser pointer.

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