FREETALK Everyman HD webcam for Skype users launches

Apr 28, 2010

Skype users can make voice and video calls if they want to and have the hardware needed. Those who like video calling with Skype, but want better image quality can now get a new Skype compatible webcam directly from the Skype Shop called the FREETALK Everyman HD webcam.

The camera is cheap at $49.99 and supports 720p video resolution at 22 fps. The camera has a high performance lens, 24-bit color, and automatic exposure and white balance. The camera also features auto focus.

The camera attaches to notebooks and displays using a universal clip. If you want to grab one of these cameras up, but sure you have an internet connection that is fast enough for HD video. You will need at least 1Mbps symmetrical bandwidth to use the HD resolution.

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