Ford researchers use GPS and wireless tech to avoid crashes

Aug 3, 2010

Ford has been working hard to increase the safety of its vehicles over the last several years. The company has started to use features like radar to help drivers determine when there is another vehicle in their blind spot and to help call for assistance in the event of an accident.

Ford researchers have announced a new system that is in the works to help drivers avoid crashes. The researchers are looking at ways to integrate wireless technology into active safety applications with a new vehicle to infrastructure Smart intersection project.

The system uses wireless and GPS tech to allow vehicles to communicate with each other in traffic for accident avoidance. The Ford Automatic Braking Intersection Collision Avoidance System is under development as part of the program and uses radio-based wireless sensors, GPS, and navigation info to detect the location of other vehicles with radio sensors. The system will be able to sense an imminent side-impact collision and will automatically apply the brakes.

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