Ford offers big discounts on Focus EV

Jan 30, 2013
Ford offers big discounts on Focus EV

The electric vehicle market isn't exactly booming. The vehicles tend to cost significantly more than gasoline-powered alternatives and many consumers worry that they won't have enough driving range to take care of all of their business. Ford has been having a difficult time selling its new Focus electric vehicle called the Focus EV.

To help get buyers interested in the electric vehicle, Ford has announced significant discounts of over $10,000 for people who lease the electric vehicle. Consumers who opt for a three-year lease can now get $10,750 off the lease price. The catch is that the significant discount does include the $7500 government tax credit.

If the buyer happens to be in a position to pay cash, Ford has dropped the base price for the Focus EV by $2000. A $2000 base price drop is for cash purchases only. Interested buyers who don't want to lease or pay cash can also be a special 1.9% financing deal on the electric vehicle through Ford Motor Credit.

Ford's 36-month lease gives buyers 10,500 miles a year and costs $285 per month. People who lease do have to pay $930 at signing. The cash purchase price for the Focus EV is $37,995. Whether or not the new discounts will spur buyers to come in and purchase the vehicle remains to be seen. Ford sold only 685 Focus EVs in 2012.

[via Detroit News]

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