Ford MyKey feature upgraded to block explicit satellite radio content

Dec 29, 2010

I know that we can all attest that at one point or another no matter how level headed and responsible, teens all tend to make really dumb decision at one point or another. Parents that try to prevent those dumb decisions from having dire consequences know that the Ford MyKey system is a really cool and easy way to prevent some of those bad decisions from being made while driving.

MyKey allows parents or your boss to limit the speed on any Ford vehicle with the feature to 65mph, 70mph, 75mph, or 80mph. A new upgrade of the MyKey feature also allows mom and dad to be there to tell the kid they can’t listen to that music even when they aren’t really there.

The upgraded system will debut first in the Ford Taurus and Explorer and allows satellite radio stations with explicit content to be blocked. Other features that are already on the MyKey system include limits for radio volume and a feature that mutes the radio until front seat riders buckle up.

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