For DIYers and PC Gamers, GIGABYTE System Builder released by Futuremark

Dec 23, 2009

Most shoppers for a new PC face the dilemma of deciding how much to spend (especially in this economy) and what type of performance they should expect in return.  Known for its performance analysis software and services( for PCs and smartphones such as the the 3DMark benchmark suite), Futuremark, is attempting take the strenuous guesswork out of the process of purchasing a PC with the System Builder by Gigabyte online tool.

On the site, users can easily select from drop-down menus the latest Gigabyte-based system components including motherboard, CPU, and graphics card, and from that, configure their desired build.  Then, the System Builder does an automatic calculation of the total Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price costs as well as the 3DMark benchmark performance of the selected hardware setup, and ultimately allows the buyer to examine the cost and performance of the system before purchasing any actual hardware.

As stated by Futuremark, “Anyone at any budget can confidently make PC purchasing decisions for any PC component combination using the latest CPU, motherboard, and graphic card technology.”  Not quite a try it before you buy it plan, but close; it's a way to prevent some of that buyer's remorse before you even consider buying anything.

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