Flash Rods are part Hot Wheels and part storage device

Aug 6, 2010

Remember good ol' Dave, the dude that made that sweet go-cart out of coolers and a couple old toilets a while back? Well as it turns out that toilet cart is not all that Dave makes that is pretty darn cool.

Dave makes flash drives that are cobbled inside Hot Wheels cars. You can get all manner of car designs, though I am partial to the 2010 GT500. If you aren't a Mustang fan, you can get Corvette's, Caddy's, and even a DeLorean.

Each of the flash drives costs $25 and gives you 4GB of storage. Each of the Flash Rods flash drives are handmade and the only way you can tell it's not one of the cars from your kid's collection is the USB adapter sticking out the rear of the car. These things are so cool.

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