Fitness Technologies debuts waterproof Plug-In AM module

Jan 3, 2014

There is no shortage of devices on the market today to allow people to listen to music while they exercise. Many of these devices have FM tuners and the ability to play digital music tracks. A company called Fitness Technologies has announced a new wearable audio device that is waterproof and has AM radio capability.

I don't think AM radio is incredibly popular anymore today, but if you like talk radio this may be a nice product for you. The company has a Plug-In AM module that is designed to work with its UWaterG8X and UWaterK9 micro audio players.

Both of those devices already have an FM tuner. The addition of the plug-in Am tuner allows you to access more content. The music devices are available in neon green, orange, and metallic grey colors. Both of the devices are 100% waterproof and are appropriate for swimming. They are also shockproof and can survive drops. Integrated storage for the UWaterG8X is 8GB.

That device lasts 7-8 hours per charge. The UWaterK9 plays FM and AM radio only and is IPX8 waterproof to 10 feet. The UWaterG8X is available for $130 including the AM module. The UWaterK9 is available for $60 including the AM module. Both will be available in March.

SOURCE: Geartobefit

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