First-generation iPad trade in plan offered by Target

Nov 6, 2013

The original iPad is getting rather long in the tooth these days having been on the market for three years. The first-generation iPad has been around long enough that most trade-in programs giving owners money to apply towards a newer tablet or other device offer very little cash for the first-generation iPad. Presumably, this is because there is very little value in the original iPad to be had for resellers.

Target has announced a new trade-in plan that cover the original iPad tablet. Owners of the original iPad can take the tablet to target stores and get a $200 in store credit. The target store does have to have a mobile section and the deal is invalid online.

Reports indicate if you try to trade in your original iPad online you won't get the minimum $200 offer. $200 is a very good price with the original iPad tablets reportedly selling for only around $150 on eBay. The $200 offer is also significantly more than other trade-in offers valid are paying out.

There's no indication if you have to use the $200 Target store credit to buy another tablet. Obviously, it will have to be spent in the Target store. With a $200 credit for the original iPad you can get into a new iPad Air for around $300 more and the original iPad mini for around $100. This deal is only good through November 9 so if you want to take advantage of it you'll need to hurry.

SOURCE: Techland

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