FIC Linux Cellphone – can it capture the imagination of the open-source community?

Ewdison Then - Nov 7, 2006

We've seen many gadgets utilising open source applications, but we haven't seen them truly embrace open source as a platform for their product. Now that's all going to change with FIC entering the smartphone market with their new FIC-GTA001. FIC is focusing on common usability at this moment such as MP3 support, GPS systems and GSM, however all those basic features and functionalities can be added to and extended with the involvement of the open source community. FIC will provide the SDK for developers to hack new features into the phone.

FIC-GTA001 Linux cellphon

It doesn't stop with transparency of design; FIC are aiming to establish a community space of users and hackers to improve the phone's functionality with their own software. There will be an archive of applications, similar to Debian's APT, where users can download whichever programme they require (or merely desire) from the repository to their phone wirelessly.

The community space will also allow programmers to contribute to the development of the phone by submitting applications to the repository as a free or commercial download. It kind of reminds me of Linspire's click and run, except without the subscription fees.

Check out the next page for hardware details...

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