FED display runs Gran Turismo 5 at 240fps with no motion blur

Nov 20, 2008

Sony have been demonstrating Gran Turismo 5 on a new FED display, with the game running at a massive 240fps.  Four PS3 consoles working in partnership were required to reach that framerate on the 19-inch Nano-Spindt FED (Field Emissions Display) developed by Sony, intended to show how well the FED technology handles fast moving images without blurring.

A single PS3 is capable of producing a 60fps image, hence the need for four of the consoles in this demonstration setup.  FEP relies on 10,000 electron sources (the nano-spindt emitters) per pixel, which cause a fluorescent substance to produce light.  If that sounds vaguely similar to a CRT display, you'd be right; it also shares CRT's wider view angles, deeper blacks, rich color tones and resilience to motion blur.

Viewers of the demonstration were apparently "baffled by the quality of the image", which is probably what Sony were hoping for.  The setup is intended more to publicise FEP than it is the PS3 console.

[via Sony Insider]

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