Fantom 4 tempered glass screen projector for LG Nexus 4 ships

Apr 3, 2013

If you have a LG Nexus 4 smartphone and you want to keep the screen looking as good as the day you bought it, Xgear is now shipping a new screen protector for your device. The screen protector is called the Fantom 4 and it's not some self-adhesive piece of plastic. The screen protector is a thin sheet of tempered glass.

The glass screen protector itself is made from hardened glass that resists scratching and helps keep the screen free of fingerprints and other particles. The Fantom 4 is also shatterproof and designed to protect the screen of your device from scratches, cuts, and drops. The way the screen protector is applied to the phone, there is no way to have air bubbles underneath and the projector can be repositioned when needed.

The Fantom 4 is thin at only 0.4 mm thick and has a surface hardness of 8H. The edges of the screen protector are also beveled to prevent them from getting chipped or scratched. The beveled edges also make it less likely that the screen protector will get caught on things such as your pocket.

While the Fantom 4 will protect the screen of your smartphone, the manufacturer recommends it be used in conjunction with a case. The edges of the screen protector are still vulnerable to drops. The screen protector is available in black for $34.99 with a white version available later.

[via XGear]

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