Facebook Places Available for Newest BlackBerry Update

Nov 11, 2010

If you're using a BlackBerry device and have some evelovin Facebook working on there, you should be receiving a notice to upgrade to Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9 - this version also available in BlackBerry App World if you just can't wait. Inside this new update several features are included with the inclusion of Facebook Places. You can now Check In and "add a Place" and tag friends - within a 1.25 mile radius of your location you may either select from available nearby places or add a place if one doesn't yet exist. Next, view the places where your friends have checked in. Sound familiar?

You may view places "Here Now," "Nearby," and "Elsewhere" that friends have checked in, "liking" or commenting on their decisions - all of this will appear in the news feed. Using GPS and BB Maps, you can view the locations your friends are at and get directions - HUNT THEM DOWN!

A few other updates to the Facebook BB: you can now perform searches for People and Pages within the app, find mutual friends, view profiles by thumbnails, send friend requests, messages, or a poke, view pages in the friends list and news feed, and YAY pull Facebook results using the Unified Search application on BB 6 smartphones. That's exciting to me. All will become one. Read the entire press release below:

Facebook Places is now available in the newest version of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, which launches today. Over the next 24 hours, users will receive notices to upgrade to Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9, and the new version is also available for download in BlackBerry App World. New features of Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9 include:
Facebook Places

•       Check in, add a Place and tag friends
•       Check in to Facebook Places within a 1.25 mile radius of your  location
•       Select a Place from the available Nearby Places or add a Place if location does not already exist in the Places database
•       Tag a friend upon check in, and include a comment

View Places where friends have checked in
•       View Places, “Here Now”, “Nearby” and “Elsewhere”, that friends have checked in to
•       “Like” or add a comment to friends’ check ins
•       Check ins will appear in the News Feed

GPS and BB Maps Integration
•       View a map of the location you’re checking in to and get directions to and from friends’ locations.

Note: The Places feature uses the BlackBerry smartphone GPS to determine the user’s location. The GPS must be enabled to acquire the location.
Note: The map displayed within the Places feature uses the BlackBerry Maps application. Clicking on the map image will launch the BB Maps application

•       Perform a search for People and Pages within the application
•       Find mutual friends and view their profile thumbnails by searching for individuals and pages; send them a friend request, a message or a poke.
•       View pages in the Friends list and News Feed, and elect to become fans of pages
•       Pull Facebook results using the Unified Search application on BlackBerry 6 smartphones

Friends List Update
•       View friends’ profile pictures as well as their Pages from the Friends list.

UI Elements
•       Use the redesigned navigation bar to easily view your own profile, and click on the Search and Message icons
Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v1.9 requires BlackBerry Device Software 4.5 or above.

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