Even your dog will be embarrassed by the jacket case for smartphones

Dec 23, 2010

I once had a dog that we dressed in a fake leather jacket for Halloween. He pissed all over that jacket the second it came off, which I thought was rather telling of how he felt about being dressed up. If you buy this denim jacket case for your iPhone, your dog will be embarrassed for your phone and the fact that his owner is so lame he has a phone jacket.

The jacket is made for denim and has a top to bottom length of 4.5-inches and it is 3.5-inches wide. This blue jacket of fail is sized to fit Blackberry, iPhone, and other smartphones. It appears to have a strap for carrying as a purse made from belt loop material.

The only upside of this jacket is that it has already sold sparing any pets and other people from seeing you use this thing. Whoever purchased this has a karmic kick in the jewels coming. If you have no taste and a penchant for being made fun of the maker may have more.

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