Escort debuts Passport iQ with integrated GPS and radar detector

Oct 27, 2010

Escort has been making radar detectors almost as long as police have been using radar to catch speeders. Escort has announced a new device that it claims to be the world's first fully integrated driving accessory with a radar detector and GPS navigation.

The device is called the Passport iQ and it looks like a normal GPS device that mounts to the windshield as we are used to seeing and has a big 5-inch touchscreen. The device integrates 3D GPS moving map navigation on the screen with the full radar and laser coverage that Escort is famous for.

The GPS offers drivers speed information and the radar detector has a learning more to learn the different types of radar the driver encounters. It also has tech to block activation by things like door openers and more. A full database of speed camera locations is also integrated. The Passport iQ starts at $649.95 and is compatible with the ZR4 laser shifting system and other accessories.

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