Entourage eDGe early preorders shipping now; everyone else can wait until March

Feb 26, 2010

Entourage's dual-display eDGe ereader went up for pre-order a while back, but if you didn't get in there early you shouldn't expect to see your device until sometime in March 2010.  According to the company, anyone who pre-ordered the eDGe before January 12th will have their ereader ship this week, and Entourage have also revealed a few more details about what sort of user experience - specifically battery runtimes - owners can expect.

While the headline claim is of up to 16hrs reading, that's if you're using the power-frugal E Ink panel.  Using both displays - E Ink and LCD touchscreen - simultaneously, or erring on the side of the LCD, will see up to 6hrs of runtime.  Still, given the way Entourage expect people to use the eDGe, opening webpages and ebooks from the color screen on the E Ink panel, and dragging monochrome images from the E Ink across to see them in color, that mixed usage seems most likely.  The eDGe is available to order now, priced at $499.

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