Energizer to reveal Zinc Air Prismatic batteries at CES

Dec 8, 2008

When thinking about tech announcements, we often forget about the things that make our gadgets go. Like batteries. But Energizer is not one to be left out and at CES 2009, they will be showing off their latest in battery technology called the Zinc Air Prismatic.

The Zinc Air Prismatic batteries are intended to be used in powering up the gadgets of the twenty-first century, which are often slimmer and smaller than those of previous years. In fact, these batteries will actually allow manufacturers to make their devices even smaller yet.

These batteries will even have three times as much energy as the alkaline or lithium ion standards. We don't know much else about the new Zinc Air batteries just yet, but we do know Energizer has been working with various device manufacturers for several years in order to create this new technology.

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