Emerald Cities Celadon Green Cool Pavement coating is green literally and figuratively

May 31, 2011

The summer is here in many areas of the US with temperatures already reaching into the mid to upper 90 range or more. That means in many places around the country the AC is on and people are already looking at ways to keep cool. A green pavement coating called Emerald Cities Celadon Green solar reflective permanent cooling coating has been demonstrated in Phoenix, Arizona. This coating is designed to reduce the temperature of the asphalt in parking lots and on streets on hot days.

According to the maker of the special coating, it can reflect enough solar heat to reduce temperatures on the asphalt by at least 30F on hot days. That reduction in asphalt temperatures helps to reduce heat on the ground, meaning that the AC system in a car has to work less, as do the AC systems in a building surrounded by asphalt. Less work for the AC system means saved power and reduced CO2 production.

The special coating also helps reduce the amount of asphalt needed for repairs due to overheating. That helps to reduce the consumption of oil products by helping the asphalt to last longer with less degradation caused by heat exposure. The most interesting part of the coating to me is that it is green. It makes for a weird looking parking lot.

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