Elma Electronic Systems offers up Mass Storage Mezzanine with military grade erasure

Aug 6, 2010

When it comes to keeping data secure you not only need to protect that data when you need it, but you also have to be sure that the data is securely erased before you toss the old storage devices out. Data that is simply sent to the recycle bin on a computer or deleted through normal means is actually still on the HDD and easy to recover in many cases.

A new mass storage mezzanine from a company called Elma is now available and it supports fast erasure and write protection that meets ten major defense agency standards for erasing sensitive data. The storage device has push buttons and the front panel with LED indicators that confirm when the data on the drive is erased.

Another button on the front panel ensures that write protection is active on the drive. Storage capacity is up to 128GB and drivers are offered for VxWorks, Linux, and Windows. The drive is also rugged and can survive 1500G for 0.5ms and vibration to 16.4G. The drives start at a whopping $2700 in low quantities.

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