EFI-X OS X dongles getting V2.0 USB and PCI Express versions

Jun 1, 2009

OS X hack-dongle masters EFI-X have announced their two new devices vying for attention at Computex 2009 this week, a new version of the their USB 2.0 adapter and a PCI Express version.  The new EFI-X V2.0 sports an improved BPU over the first-gen model that the company suggests is better at hardware management for multi-OS installs.

Meanwhile the EFI-X Pro shifts from a USB connection to using the fatser PCI Express connection, and with it delivering "unimaginable speeds and processing power".  What that exactly means for DIY Macs remains to be seen.

We tried out an EFI-X dongle back in December, crafting our own Hackint0sh desktop, and although there were system instabilities we did end up with a working OS X environment with no struggles in choosing specifically-compatible hardware.  No word on how much the new EFI-X products will cost, nor when they'll begin shipping.


[via TeknoJunkie]

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