Ecopod recycling bin solves cramped kitchen crisis

Chris Davies - Sep 17, 2006
Ecopod recycling bin solves cramped kitchen crisis

Having recently moved into a flat with someone obsessed with recycling, the thorny subject of needing various bins has come up several times.  Me, being of the minimalist persuasion, would prefer one simple bin - probably slender and stainless steel - whereas they would like a number of colour-coded glass/paper/aluminium/cheese bins that would take up a whole bloody wall of the kitchen.

My hopes for flat-harmony are restored, however, at the announcement of the Ecopod.  Currently a prototype sculpted by BMW DesignworksUSA, it looks to have several compartments for different materials as well as a foot-pedal operated can or plastic bottle crusher.  It even looks nice enough to satisfy any kitchen snob.

Ecopod bin - under lid

Ecopod instructions

The Ecopod website is a paragon of "coming soon!" virtue, so price and availability are as yet unknown.

Ecopod [via Core77]

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