EA Games Debuts a Batch of New Games for iOS Including Scrabble and Mortal Kombat

Dec 16, 2010

Whoa man, whoa. Take a look at this. EA games launches today a batch of games that are set to set the whole world on fire. First, there's Scrabble - FREE. Then there's Battlefield Bad Company 2, Game of Life, Cause of Death (iPhone), and Cause of Death FREE. Then there's Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, the greatest possible game EVER for Sega Genesis and what we hope adds up to be a really freaking amazing game for iOS. In addition to these, EA plans on launching "AN UNPRECEDENTED" worldwide sale of games for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - more than 70 popular EA games will be in the Apple App store for $0.99 apiece.

The first batch of games to be released in this massive 70 game wave for a buck apiece are Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad, Cause of Death for iPhone and SimCity Deluxe for iPad and BattleField Bad Company 2, ALL of these are to be released today. Grab em all!

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